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  1. Choose your game mode.
  2. New Clan Member
  3. Problem with Saxton Hale in TF2
  4. im gonna be a casual clueless
  5. You need TF2 admins
  6. Some bragging rights
  7. SF2 Bosses and Maps Manu-Download + Video Tut.
  8. New rules to be reviewed
  9. Need admin to add me or owner i wanna donate for idle server with items
  10. Welcome 2 new members
  11. Givin Hacked website Plz unban
  12. Servers Need Staff
  13. Two racist guys on Achievement/Idle/Trade TX1
  14. Hello, WYD.
  15. Hacker on TF2 server, hacker is ably to change his name automatically, plz ban him...
  16. JailBreak Servers
  17. Clan video
  18. cant shoot weapons only meele, medi guns and pyro on idle sniper war v4_6
  19. i get baned in all tx hell servers of WYD gaming a admin help me plz
  20. I cant "CRC achievement_idle_awesomebox8.bsp" Help?
  21. Un-Ban Request
  22. Best currency
  23. New Maps for a New Summer!!
  24. Our one moderator
  25. Ban Request
  26. Ambassador Headshotting
  27. Before applying for admin please read
  28. Ban Request
  29. A Competitive TF2 Team?
  30. Request to Take Sv Pure Off of Idle TX 7
  31. How to donate to WYD for Free
  32. Welcome to Jaiden1909
  33. tf2 orange map?
  34. Unban Request
  35. Ban Request
  36. Ban Request
  37. just asking for a map
  38. Ban Request -- "voros.kevin98"
  39. Ban Request: Hegrismar
  40. Building up the TF2 Servers
  41. admin spot
  42. Admin request and WYD forgotten server?
  43. ban
  44. Ban Request
  45. Disable Halloween Mode?
  46. Staff App
  47. Hackers in x5, x4 and x6
  48. jax - General Chat Spamming Troll
  49. 2 Russian boys causing a disturbance in the force.
  50. Nick16 is breking jb rules
  51. Dangerous hacker
  52. Idiot Warden
  53. How To become Moderator or admin on this wydgaming.com servers?
  54. Ban Request
  55. Ban Request-Lieutenant Flames
  56. Masogui "Lmao" Play
  57. Scammer
  58. Hacker on the loose (Aimbot) (Walls)