View Full Version : Open Mic Night

10-01-2013, 01:32 PM
Hey guys and gals,
WYD is doing an open mic night in the Trading Centre server Friday night at 6PM EST.

HLDJ Rules

Do not overplay.
Playing over someone is rude and ruins the experience for everyone.
Wait until the current player name disappears before beginning.
Deliberate excessive talking over music will be treated as overplay.
Do not double play.
To allow everyone a fair chance, it's required that you wait two songs before playing again.
You may only play again if nobody else plays within 15 seconds.
Keep it short & do not loop.
The limit for songs and stories is 7 minutes, period.
The limit for loops is 1 minute. [beware: admin discretion]
Be modest.
If multiple people start playing at the same time, the person whose name is on the bottom has priority.
Quality is required.
If you don't enjoy listening to it, then we probably don't either.
Make sure your songs and clips are properly edited in Goldwave or Audacity before playing them.

So, have your music ready and see you there!