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04-10-2014, 02:16 PM
it had a bit of a snag because of the game updates and somethings being outdated.

so the following will be changed...

Anti Hack- will be updated this is also the ingame admin which helps with everything.(Now includes Donor Box's) once finshed donations will be going stright to wyd's paypal!!!

Snap Building- Had to be updated! when placing and item after u have already placed one set it close to it then use your scroll wheel to select snap and it will line it up for you no way to mess it up

SelfBloodbag- Had issues with infection being to high reduced the infection rate to be more realistic

Auto Refuel- Slowed it down alittle to make it alittle more realistic might be changed more in time to me it still seems alittle to fast

Heli/Car towing-Will be added some time this weekend

Ai Missions- will be added some time this weekend

Sarge Ai-Being removed and adding it missions at bases we will build personaly in game since the map cant be updated like i want

Wai- Additional Ai Missions Such as Bandit Car Driving Around Kill Them To Get The Loot. will be added soon

more may come if i see its worth puting on the server.

so far because of update issues with antihack im puting anougher 40$ into the server for this feature alone so that wyd will not have hacking problems. Play Fair rule is in effect for that dont mind the extra cash going to that.

Thanks for reading and thank you for being patient

04-11-2014, 12:30 PM
anti hack upgraded!

Ai missions- will be added by tuesday

towing- will be added by tuesday

sarge ai will be removed by tuesday

Safezones for traders will be added soon then server will be ready to launch for public

04-22-2014, 12:19 PM
Server will be having a few tweaks done such as

Mission Box'es redone to make sure no one is geting to much from just one mission

Ai for missions will be tweaked for less accuracy and more health due to the fact they hit you 1000 meters out i do not like that

Trader's Custom items will be added some price changes as well to make things alittle more balanced.

attempting to remove roaming ai via sarge ai script thats required for the missions. (to many complaints of ai stealing cars or killing some one on the spawn area)

Safezones will be added soon as well for the traders... geting the cords for where they are and doming it off and what have you is a bit of a pain i apologize

these should be the last of the changes happening soon.. however we will be doing a database cleaning because of missions droping 50 of some items. players will be provided determined on there items they had which i have a log of between 1-3 100oz breifcases of gold for the inconvience.

04-22-2014, 03:27 PM
Is it worth me adding these updates to play this Dazy lol considering gamespy is going?


Wrong thread rofl.