View Full Version : The Plan: Food and drink for all.

03-06-2015, 07:34 PM
This discussion area will list the goal areas to have traps and Dew Collectors setup with crafting areas for cooking/cleaning water and metal working.

Ideal lactions have:

Hand Shovel x1 (Need to make public stash)

Dew Collector x3

Barbeque x1

Animal Trap x5

Furnace x1

Hammer x1 (stash for local building upkeep)

Wood axe x1 (stash for local shack storage) (Anything that cuts down trees)

What is welcome and looked for:

All items you want to drop off are welcome but just for keeping players alive and on the move, we do have a looked for list.

Wood Log x Any made/leftovers welcome

Wood Plank x Any made/leftovers welcome

Wood Stick x Any made/leftovers welcome

Animal Fat or Bio Fuel x 1

Scrap of Cloth x 10 (as need for crafting)

Bottle for water x 3 (any kind)

All shits, hats, helmets, backpacks, etc (as needed by fresh or respawns)

Ammo (only take what you can use currently, please)

1st aid items

Berry supplys for drinks. (should be enough cooked rabbit to live on)

To Be Updated As Needed.