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  1. Hey ban this guy Over5K | W3R0 for last stand he came back in a little while later first ban was to be lifted on friday but he came back in some how. Ban him again he has been ban a few times in the past couple of days see if you can block him.
  2. hey wraith I posted thius message because lucuasclay wanted to be un ban from S+d server

    Hello squad there has an item brought to me by a squad member. He wants me to unban him in the B3. Heres the thing He has been ban many times for using profanity in the server B3 is what has ban him not an admin. So from here on out if B3 bans you then you are ban.

    We do not need that type of stuff in the servers we as admins have enough problems keeping up with the hackers and I dont feel that we should have to babysit our own clan members because they break our rules.

    How does that look to others who are not WYD. It tells them thats you can break the rules if you are WYD and that isnt so. You as squad members need to set an example for others to follow and should always obey all rules.

    Let me finish by saying that if this type of behavor contiunes I will talk to higher powers and see if there are stiffer pentlies that can be applied.

    Thanks and have fun
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