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    Default I4CUNA3x7BOX Passed R.I.P

    Some of the old timers will know this person Mike AKA I4CUNA3x7BOX played and hosted Novalogic games DF1, DF2, DF3 and BHD has passed away from cancers.

    In 1998/99 Novalogic made Delta Force 1. You could host 4 players and most only had dial up back then. Myself, James AKA Who'sYourDaddy and Mike AKA I4CUNA3x7BOX all neighbors and friends created a server to play in.
    Mike AKA BOX last server he hosted was a BHD server called USA CQB

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    I remember the USA CQB server.

    My condolences to his family.

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    dam shame great player one of the best known names on novalogic

    farewell Mike

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    Very sad news, thoughts go out to his family

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    Such sad news my thoughts and prayers go out to his Family



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