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    I am very thankful for the effort that was put in to update the LA Jailbreak server to v5.6.4. It did fix an issue or two, but it caused a few new ones. I realize that updating it is a lot of work and that you may not have the time to spend working on the server. It is probably a very bothersome task and I understand if you wish to discontinue working on it for a period of time or indefinitely. I will go ahead and list the new issues here anyways.

    Model Glitch

    Previously, only the warden model was glitched and was a giant ERROR. This still remains, but with the update now people on the red team have model glitches. A lot of times it will appear that a player is a class that they didn't choose or the model just won't have any animation at all. It makes them appear as a random class and it will make look like they aren't doing anything other than sliding around. You can't tell if they are crouching or reloading or any of that. Also, the models will sometimes appear like they are doing something they did in a previous round. In one round I died when I was in water and for the next 3 rounds, it looked like I was swimming in mid-air for anything I did.

    Roll The Dice

    Roll the dice causes many problems and should most likely be removed. People use it a lot in rounds by typing !rtd and they can get some really annoying effects. Some of these include: Flying(NoClip), God-Mode, Extra-Ammo, and Tiny(Makes you very hard to see). These make it hard to successfully do a round because everyone is getting game-breaking effects that allow them to kill all the guards with ease. Removing this would be the best option, but it could be changed to where it costs credits to use so that it couldn't be spammed.

    Map Interval Length

    The amount of time between the map restarts are extremely long ever since the update. It gets to the point where Warden gets locked nearly every round because you can only force yourself as warden 3 times per map, and every last request gets locked because it's been chosen too many times. The warden lock makes it to where there is basically a freeday every couple rounds because most people that join blue don't have a mic and then when they retire or un-warden it won't let me become warden because I have already done that 3 times during that map rotation.

    Errors still remaining from previous version

    1. Warden Model
    2. Lack of Staff
    3. Only 1 Map (Not really an error.)
    ***All others were fixed! Thanks***

    Reasons Behind Making This

    I'm not making posts like this to complain about the servers. I love the servers, I wouldn't play them if I didn't. I'm just making these posts to hopefully make more people love the servers as much as I do. I personally don't mind a few errors, every server will have it's fair share, but some people aren't very tolerable of them. I commonly see people leave due to some of the errors above. I hate to see people leave because when there are more people on, it can be more fun and it's more beneficial for the community.


    I fully understand that fixing errors like this takes time and work, and that they can also be very bothersome to fix. I also realize that Jailbreak isn't the communities #1 priority and it might possibly be a while before it is looked into. I appreciate the hard work the current staff is putting in to help the community. I'm glad the Jailbreak servers were actually looked at and were attempted to be fixed. It got an update and that was one of my main things in my previous post. I'm glad the time was put into it and that the staff looks into things that the people in the community care about. I love this community and I'm glad I can (kinda) be a part of it.

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    Rtd should not be on there at all for sure. I'll remove that today. Odd thing with the models. I'll look at the config.

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    Thanks for being on top of this Evevee



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