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    Default TF2 Jailbreak issues

    Ok. I have a few problems with the way the tf2 jailbreak servers are dealt with.

    1: So when ever I want to be guard, and the team was always full i could never join guard. N E V E R. Which leads to...

    2: 85% of blus will not have mics. Thats not the problem. The problem is that if all blus with mics have been warden 3 times, they can no longer be wardens. this leads to multiple freedays on end. So could someone remove that limit? Or at least make an admin do a mic check every now and then to kick not mic's off Blu?

    3: Lets say that the warden makes a mistake and a guard needs to tell them that they made a mistake. They cant without taking a huge risk of a spy instantly grabbing their back because they had to type it out instead of telling them in voice chat. I get that you dont want people blasting ear rape out of their speakers, but make a mute system if needed. or just kick them to the other team. OH yeah i forgot to mention:

    4: Banning people from Blu. Lets say that someone mass killed and got a 30 min ban off of Blu. After that, they could go back to Blu and do it again. Sure you can ban him from the server, but thats not really nice. Instead, just ban him from Blu.

    5: Updating the taunt list. The taunt list is really cool. But it did not update recently for the meat your match update with taunts like the victory lap and the spy dance taunt. This may be out of your control, but see if there is an updated plugin for it.

    I hope that a mod. or an admin sees this. Maybe even the owner. These changes really do need to happen. It wont just make me happy, but it will make everybody happy. Blu's and Red's.

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    Thanks for posting, and glad to hear that you like the server. I and some other WYD TF2 Admins will be going over the Jailbreak servers soon to fix a variety of problems related to them. As for the problems you have listed, I shall address them point by point.

    1. If a TF2 team is full, you won't be able to join it. There's nothing we can really do about that besides change it so anyone could be blu or red, which leads to imbalance.

    2. I add an increase to the Warden limit to the list.

    3. I understand that issue, but if multiple people have mic privileges, it just turns into gibberish as people speak over each other.

    4. The addition of Team bans is already on the list.

    5. Updating the Tauntem plugin is easy, I'll be doing it on all our servers anyways, so no worries. It's well within our capabilities.

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    What about stiff animations? They are so hard to deal with. Not being able to correctly show taunts and the command cl_first_person_uses_world_model 1 such a pain to use.

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    That is already on the list to fix, so hope to get that sorted out.



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