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    Default Bf2 1.5 Hub version

    Hey WYD and Mykie

    I hope everbody are OK ?
    it was long time without BF2 version 1.0 , so there is a way to play version 1.5 over Hub there are some videos for instaling it ....

    I will try to get old crew here over forum facebook etc to try to run bf2 again here and if we get more players maybe we can rent a server (if that possible ) what you think SOB !!!!

    Is nice to be here again

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    Yo long time no see.. You can give it a try, I still have server boxes we can host a server if need be. I sent you a key for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam download it and give it a try as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racko_ca-WYD- View Post
    Hey WYD and Mykie
    Asshole! Haha, alright Racko, If you can get the old group back togeather I'd be up for some BF2 & happy to help out where i can.
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