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    Default Booo :D

    YoooooooooOOo Does anyone remember me?
    Randomly googled my nick out of curiosity and saw my account here
    Lmao is some of you old people still alive that i used to jam bf2 with? Im still alive and kicking mostly play csgo anyone remember me and want to jam my steam is mdesai736

    peace out
    Bash from south africa


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    Bash2Crash, now theirs a name i've not seen in a long time, lol. aye i remember you, will hit you up on steam matey.
    In life you have two paths. A light path and a dark path.
    The question is which one will you follow?

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    I didn't play BF2 but I do remember you. And I'm old. So 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

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    WTH you had to google your name to remember who you are? lol Yep I remember you!!! Get ready for BF5 when it comes out!

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    FML you guys havent died yet... .

    Haha i remember you guys ? wraith you cod4 council still? that shit still alive? Haha i still have it installed never had the heart to delete my favorite game after bf2 </3

    Yeah im planning to get bf5 so hit me up bash2crash1 is my origin




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