Hello everyone, as may all of you know that i had returned for the first time after 4 years.

I know some of you all wanted to know wanted to know what happened to me and why did i stopped playing on PC, the reason behind that is that i was having low muse for PC Gaming for awhile and my laptop has completely died on me. Since then i decided to call it quits and try to focus on my personal life.

Since then i went back to my console ways and mostly try to get PC mostly off of my head for awhile.

But i had been heard quite strong or falsified rumors about WYDGaming is dead, i had never touched this subject or never mentioned the group since i was kicked out cuz of a certain Administrator in which he is no longer with WYDGaming.

I've met some of the best people from that group and hoping that one day i shall rejoin the group once again, what i did back in the days it was a fuck up of mine and to those who were affected by my misdeeds and those who were attacked by a few people at the time I am sorry.

But i know that i am no longer in the group but i want to help WYD out one last time by expanding more members for the community, for example: Cross play consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC).

If Sob agrees to this idea and i will make sure that i shall be in charge of the Xbox Group while the rest is up to those to decide.

I'm not asking for anyone to forgive me for my actions that i brought myself years ago or even feel upset at me, or even asking for becoming a admin again. Those days were behind and what i did was wrong and i will stick up for it because i've changed over the years.

But it is great to see that the community is still alive than ever and that makes me happy to see old faces and new faces sticking around.

But i've would like to thank everyone and to those who sticked around me between in and out of my channel for the last 6 years and do not worry, i'll be back on PC once my busy life is finished and i will be good than ever.

If anyone is interested in speaking to me, drop by in my Twitter:


Or add me on Xbox:

GT: TheH20MaskyPie