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    Default Losing the TX server box

    I got this notice from my provider today. It looks like we will be losing our TX servers soon.

    L5420 & E5450 Dedicated Server Retirement Notice:

    We will be retiring two older Dedicated Servers models this year, the L5420 and E5450. We think itís important to retire old servers and update. The focus of this upgrade is to move away from slow hard drives and shift to 100% SSD drives. This will improve speed and over all reliability long term. The old servers are no longer being supported by the manufacture for bios updates. This can be a security risk for some because your system is open to Spectre/meltdown attacks.

    Let this email be a formal notice that your L5420 or E5450 server is set to be retired in 2019. We ask you to take steps to move forward to more modern hardware ASAP when itís convenient for you in 2019. We feel this is the best open way to give you proper time.

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    Huh, unfortunate. Thank you for the post about it.

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    Yea I just can't see the need to pick up a newer that cost more..

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    Yeah, community servers in general have been hit hard, and even though idle servers still exist, the player counts are extremely low.

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    They were fun while they lasted.



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