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    Default Old Computer if u have

    Unfornately my laptop is unable to play even bf2 due to issues but here of late as of

    9:42pm my laptops hard drive has become to unstable to even play java games like facebook aka farmville

    if anyone near polk city florida has just a crappy little thing that is able to play bf2 or bhd ill be happy

    thanks for reading im despritate atm i was working on demoing my deck since its become unstable all day and now my laptop

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    damn thats harsh - do you know what type of hdd you need i have a 60 sata 2.5" hdd thats doing nothing - was gonna put it in my pc with another to get a raid 120gb just for dumping stuff on...
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    check under the tech section - theres a link from me for a program called HDDTune - you can use this to check your hard drive

    and just realised you aint in the uk otherwise could of prob sorted out a hdd.
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    not sure about laptops i used to build normal desktops highest one i built before i stoped was a dual core but this hard drive has been going on me for last year or so
    grinding sounds all the time locking up loading probgrams it shouldnt then as of 9:42pm it started bluescreening then poping up on load up No bootable devices i have to restart laptop like 5 times before it comes back online basicly now i have a netbook not a laptop lol

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    Closed got a part for my desktop that will fix it



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