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    Hey guys got all kiinds of computer parts if you need some older parts let me know what you need and Ill see if I got it. I know I got a couple of socket 775 processors and a few older Pent 4 laptop processors.

    Some memory laptop and desk top.

    These will be sold cheap but in order to get them instead of paying me just donate the money to the website. Ken can use it more than I can use these old parts just laying around.

    Ill pay for the shipping to you, thats just the type of guy I am


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    I Need Three 1GB Sticks Of DDR PC-3200 !!! Id Get Them From The Store But 40 Bucks Is Way Too Much, And Thats Each LOL

    Id Be Able To USE The 775's Also. Ive Been Putting Together A Cheapy For My GF To Play On Facebook So She Will Leave Mine Alone LOL
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    damn I could use a s775 cpu got an acer all in one that I think the cpu is fooked on...
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