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    Unhappy Massive Part Request...UK!

    Hi folks, I have a massive request, managed to get the following parts for 50.

    Zalman Z11 Plus

    Corsair TX850M

    Corsair H60 Watercooling

    Bluray Rom / DVDRW Combo Drive

    I have just managed to knacker my old dell S775 motherboard - so I have all the parts besides a motherboard.

    Anyone out there have one kicking about they wanna part with. it needs to handle the Q6600 Core2Quad and also be DDR2.

    either that or does anyone have a Spare board for sale that would take a better processor than that, then I build around that by getting a cpu and ram, ie: AM3 or any of the I3/I5 series...

    Any help would be very appreciated - literally formatted, installed windows 8 pro with media centre and boom, reboot then nothing...all other parts have been tested and I know its the motherboard.

    Killing Flood Admin

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    If you need it buying i can buy it n send it to you if you want. With payment of course! Lol.
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    It's a board I'm after but cheers anyway!
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