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    Only reason I ask here is because when my power supply cooked, a person here was kind enough to get me one at no charge in exchange for me being and staying active on the servers. However, I could be more active on the forums and i do plan to make a point of it.

    With over 125 steam games and more weekly, im running out of space on my harddrive.

    right now im only working with about 500gb

    I need 500gb more or 1tb to prevent the need for another one again soon.

    How do i have money for games and not hardware? I don't I'm a member of a lot of giveaway sites and earn-pay sites.

    Sadly, I don't know of a way I can win or earn a harddrive online and long story short, i live on a budget, and i can't budge it.

    Send me a message with any personal questions or comments, or feel free to leave a public reply here.

    If this post is breaking the rules in some way, and i just looked over the part that said you cant make a "request" please disregard this post and mark for deletion.

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    Im told i cant say whom it was.
    So out of respect i wont.

    But i am able to let everyone know a person from the clan did help me out.

    Just wanted to share the word.

    I love you guys!



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