This group is only for the players on the PvE server named Chainsaw on the US Server list. Is our mapping group. is the group link.

If you'd like to join us on teamspeak connect at If you do, find our channel at the end of the channel lists.

Also, if you are looking for a clan, and tell them your game is: H1Z1 and shz-WYD set you.

We do ask that if you could stay "In-chat" with the group channel because there is no ingame chat also makes it easy to find each other when we get split up. No need to add anyone to the friends list you don't want to.
Here is a place you can meet and greet and make plans to get work done as well as trade.

Remember, only trust your friends!

Report anyone you see on the server hacking, cheating, or that is not trust worthy here, please and thank you. (along with any details)

Please be sure to invite your friends and share this group with anyone you see on the server.