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    Default Wyd killing floor 2 server

    Hello guys..

    Well I'm been playing killing floor for a while since snipermark and maykie back off in KF1
    I really love this game...

    and now Im playin a lot KF2 on steam....

    Do you know guys who have access to the adm tools of our server?

    The server its empty most of the time...and I want to take a hand on this
    and try to populate the server...

    the server is now 1/7 waves and in normal difficulty

    and what most ppl likes its 1/10 waves and hard or suicidal matches

    if KEN(SOB) xP allows me to make some changes in the server...and give me acces to the adm tools

    Ill really glad....

    And also I want to know the oppinion of other members


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    I don't remember much about the admin tools, but I can give you ftp access to the server files you can review and upload whatever files you need to.

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    not sure who has got them either ken im guessing mark as I have not played kf2 but the maps do need to be 1/10 and on hard /suicidal so people can get the achievements

    wicked game many hours of my life lost in that game lol

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    thank you guys...

    Ken I'will poke you if I see you on maybe you can help with all the info I need to manage the server..


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    we need to either just find a server and take control of it - fill it with WYD or get something sorted
    Killing Flood Admin



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