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    Default Building up the TF2 Servers

    OK guys we really need to build up our TF2 population in the servers, any suggestion?

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    Seeders? As in we take a bunch of steam accounts and just have them AFK in the server all day.
    It's better than bots because gametracker doesn't rank servers with bots. I could see about
    setting my laptop up as a seeder. I just need to download the game on to it.

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    I idled on TX4 a bit and got the pop up from 1 to 8 in about 2 hours. I'll hop between idle servers, I can set up my laptop to idle on one as well. I can bother the other TF2 people about this, although they'd hopefully read it anyways.

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    Maybe we can assign our TF2 members to a server and see if they can grow that server.

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    Oh I like that idea! Though they will need incentive...maybe some form of moderation power? Limited of course, but at least some.

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    Seeder accounts are a great idea.

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    I'll look into the seeders and Idling some of my accounts as well

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    I like the idea of observing the growth of a server, however there may need to be a few things I would like to see (since I done a bit of research on how servers thrive.):

    I was thinking of a fun and colorful map (I.E. Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda, etc.)
    Find a group of people and have them get a feel of the server. ( I know a few people who are willing to participate. )



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