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    First of all, I would like to give a big thanks to the work put into the servers. I have noticed recently that the jailbreak servers have been given a bit more attention and I'm very appreciative of that. It means a lot to me and makes me happy. I've seen (Correct me if I get the names wrong) noob and skeletal both on one occasion playing a server and helping monitor it. This really helps out as they get rid of the rule-breaking that goes on. However, Jailbreak servers are a very moderation demanding type of server. This calls for more staff that are willing to devote a lot of time into the Jailbreak servers. I am in no way recommending myself or trying to promote myself to be hired for the job. I'm just bringing up the issue so it could be potentially fixed. I realize it takes time to gain trust in people enough to give them a staff role, and I completely understand that. I would recommend putting consideration into hiring jailbreak dedicated staff or at least staff that plan on playing a large amount of jailbreak. Again, I'm not making this post to promote myself, it's just being made to promote the hiring of staff for jailbreak in general. MrzLionzYTT along with Myself have put in an application for jailbreak staff as we commonly play them and experience the horrors of mass free-killing and wardens without microphones. It drives many players away, as they would rather play somewhere where they know they don't have to constantly have to worry about a bunch of rule-breakers. I'm hoping this issue will be solved over time and I thank any and all who have put time and effort into the community and making all the servers better.

    (Links on names are to the individual staff applications)

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    Much appreciated. Will try to set up your temp adminship today, but may take some time to take effect as the server will need a restart to do so. And I won't be able to do it until I get home from work in 10 hours.

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    It's alright, no rush, and thank you very very much evevee for your hard work. I appreciate it .



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