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    I dont know did anyone heard it but there is now alterops, same stuff as alteriw but only thing is its black ops xD

    Apart from the 25 posts, YOU NEED A 6 MONTHS OLD ACCOUNT.
    If you try to spam for 25 posts you will be banned, and won't even be allowed to play alterOps.

    There will be no support given for aO. Asking for support will get you warned/banned.

    A pre-release of alterOps has been released. This release comes with no support.

    Download it from If you want to use DLC, get the files yourself - or post some in this topic.

    This topic will be updated with further information as soon as someone writes such.

    Running a server
    1. Log in to
    2. Request a server key. You need a different key for every server.
    3. Download dwkey.dat and put it in your aO folder.
    4. Run BlackOpsMP.exe with '+set dedicated 1 +set sv_licensenum X', where X is the number displayed on the alterOps web site.
    5. Usage is similar to MW2, someone else will have to document it as I'm lazy.
    i just finde out i have it xD

    does wyd need servers and "keys"?

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    Dam really looks interesting!!

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    if you need it i have access to files and key for server (i can have 5 max)

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    I thought Infinity Ward/Treyarch had Alter projects shut down?

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    If you look the original post date was 8-24-2011

    And yes Alter Projects are all shut down



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